Li-Fi a recipe to transmitting 1Gbps with the speed of light.

Li-fi can convey web access 100 times speedier than customary wi-fi, offering velocities of up to 1Gbps (gigabit every second). It requires a light source, for example, a standard LED knob, a web association and a photograph identifier. It was tried this week by Estonian start-up Velmenni, in Tallinn.


Google has received nearly 350,000 URL removal requests so far

In May 2014, Google agreed to the EU's deciding that empowered subjects to ask for certain URLs to be expelled from query items.


Canon launched world's first 50 mega pixal camera "5DSR" in Lahore

Lahore: Canon has dispatched the world's first full-outline 35mm sensor advanced cameras with 50MP determination – 5DS R.


Mark Zuckerberg add his voice in support of Muslims

WASHINGTON: Facebook author Mark Zuckerberg needs to ensure the privileges of Muslims, saying they ought not apprehension being "mistreated for the activities of others."


Youtube start working in Pakistan

A Video sharing site Youtube which was banned in Pakistan has begun again working in the couple of urban communities of the Pakistan in the wake of battling of administrators in Pakistan on Sunday.


New dad Zuckerberg announce to give away Facebook fortune

SAN FRANSISCO: Facebook fellow benefactor Mark Zuckerberg declared Tuesday he is a father and swore to give away his fortune to make the world a "superior spot" for child little girl Maxima and others.


BlackBerry confirms Pakistan way out, rejects govt demand to screen information

ISLAMABAD: BlackBerry won't work in Pakistan after Nov 30, Chief Operating Officer Marty Beard affirmed in an announcement presented on the cell phone creators' site.

Pakistani researcher develops software to erase unwanted information from internet

Pakistani researcher develops software to erase unwanted information from internet

A Pakistani researcher has developed a software that can erase unwanted information about you on the internet faster than Google.


First time in the history, Man arrested for blackmailing girl on Facebook

KARACHI: The cyber crime circle of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) claims to have arrested a young man for allegedly blackmailing a girl via the social networking website, Facebook.


"Google Loon" balloons will be launched in indonesia

The yearning "Venture Loon" is gone for conveying Internet associations with remote or bankrupted ranges overall utilizing a gliding system of a huge number of the cutting edge inflatables.


Google launches its tool to locate earthquake victims in Pakistan

In the massive earthquake that shake Pakistan and Afghanistan, Google has dispatched a man discoverer named as person finder to permitting people to post and hunt down their families.